100+ Tasks You Can Delegate

What to Delegate?

I asked my Assistant Sarah to come up with a list of 100+ tasks she’s done for me.

Too often Entrepreneurs LOVE the idea of a great Assistant, but then get stumped when it comes to actually delegating.

Pretty tough to have an Assistant take over the bottom-80% of your workload, AND babysit those 317 projects you started last quarter, when you can’t even define the first five.

GOOD NEWS: Sarah and I have a shortcut for you…

Tasks to Delegate

Sarah’s overall list of 100+ tasks was huge and required a PDF.

So I’ve included the first 20-30 below, and if you want the rest, just throw your name and email into the box below and we’ll email you the 100+ BEAST.

OK, here we go…

1. Email Inbox

For over a year Sarah’s been handling this for me.  I’m amazed with how FREE I feel.  It was excruciating to hand over the keys to the kingdom, but now I realize how silly I was being.  Now I wish I woulda done it years earlier.

Sarah handles:

  • read all incoming email to delete junk / unsubscribe
  • tag crucial Tim-only emails for me to review and reply
  • catch interview requests and schedule quickly
  • setup meetings for $500/hr clients, Kolbe Consults and other clients
  • handle customer service questions
  • setup new filters / labels / tags for new contacts
  • triage and forward emails to other team members if task / response is their responsibility instead

2. Creating Systems

Intellectually, you know your business needs systems, procedures, checklists.  But anytime you’ve tried to start, it’s been excruciating and a waste of time.  Good news: the right Assistant thrives on this kind of thing!

Sarah handles:

  • Writing procedures according to our in-house method
  • Organizing procedures properly inside Google Drive and Teamwork
  • Ensuring files get named to our protocol, then filed to the proper location in our online storage (we use Egnyte, not Dropbox)
  • Researching and testing new software for use in day-to-day operations

3. Infusionsoft

Most Business Owners have a love-hate relationship with Infusionsoft.  It’s powerful, BUT it’s got a steep learning curve that takes time to learn.  It’s expensive.  And if you have to hire someone to build and manage it for you, it’s gonna be $40/hr or more.  But not anymore, Assistant to the rescue!

Sarah handles:

  • Add a contact
  • Create tags specific to each category
  • Create invoice(s)
  • Setup products and order forms
  • Setup campaigns and sequences in Campaign Builder
  • Create & format emails for sequences and broadcasts
  • Schedule broadcasts
  • Process credit cards
  • Update mailing addresses
  • Update credit card information
  • Process refunds
  • Keep track of accounts receivable & run reports for the same
  • Test shopping cart
  • …and she could easily handle the affiliate module if I needed her to

As you can see, Sarah isn’t establishing the overarching strategy.

Our marketing Manager and I still handle overall strategy, then Sarah takes that vision and builds it out in Infusion.

You’ll also notice Sarah isn’t trained on 100% of Infusion.

But that’s totally OK!

There’s really only about 3-4 tasks that make up 80% of Infusion work (probably: add a contact, setup a sequence, send an email broadcast).  So Sarah started with just that.

Then, as time went on, she picked up more and more skills on the fly.  Now she can handle around 80% of Infusion, and virtually never gets stumped.

Many, Many Other Areas

That’s all just the tip of the iceberg.

Sarah’s list of 100+ tasks also includes:

  • Managing My Calendar: she handles all the details, back-and-forth, etc, to make sure ol’ TF runs like a Swiss watch.  (5 tasks)
  • Website / WordPress: from making little udpates here and there, embedding opt-in forms, tracking codes, pixels, etc, it’s all Sarah now.  I log into WordPress only when it’s time for me to post a blog post.  (9 tasks)
  • Hiring & Onboarding: sifting and sorting applicants, taking them through pre-interview assessments so only the best make it through to me.  Once new team members hired, Sarah also takes them through our in-house onboarding process. (7 tasks)
  • YouTube & Podcast: having your own show or channel is great fun.  Until you have to do all the editing, uploading, etc.  Within a few episodes, it all feels like work once again.  I get to focus on sharing my message, then I move on to something else.  Sarah then takes care of publishing it all to our standards.  (4 tasks)
  • Invoicing: having clients can be really lucrative, as long as you can focus on consulting.  The black hole of paperwork, agreements, invoicing, etc, can be the bane of a consultant’s existence.  Sarah makes it all easy.  I haven’t processed a credit card manually in years now. (4 tasks)

OK… this is getting really long.  I’ll summarize even more tightly:

  • Client Care & Customer Service (3 tasks)
  • Kolbe Test Requests (5 tasks)
  • My Travel (5 tasks)
  • In-Office Paperwork (2 tasks)
  • Members Area (5 tasks)
  • Facebook Ads & Google Ads (3 tasks each)
  • Webinars (4 tasks)
  • Dinner Parties (5 tasks)
  • Event Planning (15 tasks)
  • Personal (6 tasks)

The BEAST: Full List of 100+ Tasks

If you’d like to see the full, 100+ list of tasks (in PDF), throw your name and email in here and we’ll send it to you right away…

Hope that helps!

Tim :)

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