80/20 Summit 2016

Speakers: Tim Francis and Perry Marshall

Value Including Bonuses: $1,674 – Savings of 61%
Your Investment: $650


The 80/20 Summit in 2016 featured myself and Perry Marshall as the main speakers. Over the course of the 2 days, there were a lot of tools, strategies, 80/20 questions and thinking frameworks that were shared between Perry and I.

I provide you with tools and strategies that could be implemented in your business immediately. Perry provides you with big picture ideas on how to build a ‘moat’ around your business so you’re safe from competitors.

Such tools and strategies include…

  • What skills, questions and numbers you should be monitoring at each level on the ‘5 Levels of 80/20′
  • How to apply Scrum in your business so you and your team can finish projects on time
  • A tool I invented to effectively delegate tasks to team members to eliminate the time wasted going back and forth on projects
  • How to unpack and identify which tasks you should keep, and which tasks you should delegate to your team
  • The $400,000 case study in under 90 days and how you can apply mini-games in your business
  • 80/20 questions that will stretch your brain to think in a totally different way


Perry offers you big picture principles and how it applies to your business. These principles are even more relevant in todays ever-changing business climate.

These include…

  • The power of Fractals and how it applies to your business
  • Simplifying price or simplifying proposition and how to decide which path to follow so you become the market leader
  • Elements of a STAR business and how you can implement them into your business
  • How to create a “moat” around your business so competitors can’t copy what you’ve built
  • The “20/120” rule and how you can identify where to double down on and what to eliminate


Here’s what a couple people have said about The 80/20 Summit 2016:


“The summit was in October 2016 and my business has since taken off. It was the best money I’ve ever spent, seriously. My business has doubled and with the current projections of my other ventures, my future ROI of my investment into the 80/20 Summit is easily 50-100X, if not higher.

Steve Sudell – Owner & Physical Therapist @ Prehab 2 Perform


“The event was rocking – best I’ve ever experienced. Before the event, I was stuck not knowing what my priorities were. On day 1 of the event, there were 80/20 questions asked that was transformational. I’ve now gained a new lens and focus which I’ll be seeing my business through.”

– Ishan Soni – Ecommerce Entrepreneur


Total Value including Bonuses: $1,674 – savings of 61%

Your Investment – $650

80/20 Summit 2017

Speakers: Tim Francis and Perry Marshall

Value Including Bonuses: $1,674 – Savings of 61%
Your Investment: $650


In this years 80/20 Summit, Myself and Perry share the stage again to deliver the most useful and relevant tools, strategy and thinking when it comes to implementing 80/20 in your business.

Here are some of the topics that were discussed…

  • The Delegation Pyramid and how you why it makes sense for you to delegate from the peak of the pyramid
  • How to climb the 80/20 curve so you reap more rewards from your efforts
  • When to use 80/20 Scaffolding so you can take a direct path up to the next level on the ‘5 Levels of 80/20’
  • Engine Room 3.0 revealed for the first time ever. This is the operating system your business should run on
  • Basics of financials and how the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cashflows all connect. More importantly, what business decisions you can make by knowing that data. (PRO TIP: Your financials are a treasure map for hidden cash)
  • How to use The 80/20 Machine to get clear on what’s important in the next 90 days while everyone else is chasing shiny objects
  • How you can manage your team based on scorecards and leading metrics.
  • How to determine if your business is a STAR business (and what tool to use to determine this)
  • The importance of including a ‘Heroes Journey’ in the message you give the marketplace


And here’s what a few people have said about The 80/20 Summit 2017…



Total Value including Bonuses: $1,674 – savings of 61%

Your Investment – $650


Both 80/20 Summits (2016 & 2017)

Total Value including Bonuses: $2,629 – savings of 66%

Your Investment – $900


First 10 people to invest get 3 months access to Builders Club ($285 Value) 

As an added bonus, for the first 10 people who decide to take me up on this offer, you’ll be getting 3 months access to Builders Club.

Builders club happens 2 times a month where I’m available for you to ask me anything about any type of business problem. I will cut to the core issue and help you identify what your next steps should be.

Or if you’re like most Entrepreneurs who love the idea of 80/20 but not sure how to actually apply the principle to your business, then this will be a great way for you to get clarity on what it is you’ll need to do to get your time and leverage back.


For everyone who invests in one or both 80/20 Summits, I’ll also include:

Process Mapping Course ($197)

One of the most important parts of streamlining and scaling your business is defining the main workflows you use again and again.

With that sorted out, you can easily see which processes to write and how teammates need to work together in a seamless way.

Dashboards & Daily Reports ($197)

In this training, you’ll learn how to use Dashboards and Daily Reports to stay on top of your leading metrics (for yourself AND your team).

As the old saying goes…”You can’t manage what you don’t track”. Creating dashboards for your company allows your team to have full visibility into where the company’s at when it comes to reaching your targets and what actions can be taken to help the cause.



To make this a no-risk offer for you, I’m going to offer a 60 day money-back guarantee. If you don’t find any value in what you invest in, please let me know and my team will refund 100% of your money.