Keith Cunningham “Thinking Time”

I was incredibly fortunate to attend Keith Cunningham’s “4 Day MBA” Course. If you’re not sure who Keith is, he’s one of the raddest and baddest entrepreneurs on the planet. (And he’s actually “Rich Dad” from the world’s #1 finance book, Rich Dad Poor Dad.) Years ago Keith made $100M (you read that right), then […]


How to Organize Procedures

Here’s a massive shortcut: click to download my Systems Templates directly into your Google Drive. Below I’ll explain how to organize your procedures / systems / documentation. I recommend you use Google Drive. Create Master List of Procedures To see one of these live, fully completed, download the Systems Templates mentioned above. Your Master List […]

What is 80-20 Rule?

In today’s “always-on” world, the 80/20 Rule is more important than ever. We face greater complexity, speed, and connectivity than any generation of entrepreneurs before us. Cutting past the 80% noise to find and focus on the vital 20% that really matters is the only way we’ll maintain sanity. What was once a casual analysis […]


Systemize Your Business w Triple Path of Readership Ⓒ

The two hardest parts of systematizing a business are: 1) Writing the systems 2) Getting people to follow them! How to Systematize a Business A big factor in this is a person’s Kolbe score, which is outside the scope of this post. Assuming your empolyee(s) are good at following directions and following through on task, […]


I Blew $10,000 on VAs, Trying to Live The 4-Hour Workweek

It was 2008. I’d just read The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. I was SOLD! Foaming at the mouth, I lusted to get started with “Lifestyle Design,” set up my “Muse,” and travel the world.  Race motorcycles.  Set world records in tango. I hired a full-time VA and braced myself for the inevitable avalanche of […]