how to setup procedures easily

Easiest Way to Build Systems

Even though my business has over 150+ systems, I personally wrote fewer than 20% of them. Follow these tricks to get systems setup as fast as possible. Where Most Business Owners Fail Usually an entrepreneur will see the value of checklists and put them in place quickly. Or they’ll read a great book like The […]

Best Project Management Software Teamwork PM + Google Drive

Mission Control

For online and computer-based businesses, the best possible combination of tools is Teamwork PM + Google Drive. Best Project Management Software Keep track of your people and projects easily with Teamwork PM. I’ve tried a BUNCH of different Project Management software tools like MyProjectPlans and Basecamp.  Don’t get me started on Basecamp.  Basecamp SUCKS. Teamwork […]

Find Virtual Assistant

Perfect Job Posting

Finding VAs online is the Wild West. When you’re looking for a long-term Assistant, you may be tempted to post a basic job description to an online job board. I’m warning you – don’t do it. Basic job descriptions are the kiss of death; you’ll get CRUSHED with applications. I’ve literally sat and hit “refresh” […]