Know Your Numbers

Mon-Wed, Feb 22-24, 2021
9:00am – 5:00pm

A Course on Financials, for Entrepreneurs who Hate Accounting!

For us Entrepreneurs, our Achilles heel is often our Financials.

We love to create, think big picture, spend most of our time with clients, marketing, selling, driving revenue and growing our business.

But Financials?  What a pain in the butt.  Candidly, we’d prefer to ignore it!

That is, until we get the gory tax bill that kicks us in the groin.

Or we’ve just made a bunch of money, but there’s nothing in the bank account.

Where’d all the money go?

I’m Tim Francis.  You may already know me.  Die-hard Canadian now living in Austin, TX.

I’m not an MBA.  In fact, I was a touring drummer who got rejected from business school 3 times.

I avoided all things Accounting & Bookkeeping for nearly 10 years.

Then, a few years ago, everything changed.  I was watching an elite Entrepreneur (guy who’d turned around multiple companies and is now ultra-wealthy) analyze a business.  Realized then I’d never, ever, ever have lasting success as an Entrepreneur until I understood the basics of Financials.

Until then, I’d been hooked on the “vanity metrics” of business: sales, clicks, number of clients, that kind of thing.

When in fact I had little clue about the one financial metric that mattered most: how much cash I was actually keeping.

So I went on a learning spree, criss-crossing North America to take as many financial courses as I could cram in.  A few years later, and more than $50K in courses, I got it.  I could finally see The Matrix.

Soon thereafter, Financials became one of my greatest strengths.  From looking at a company’s financials alone I was finding (literally) $100Ks of new profit, sometimes without changing sales at all.

These days I sit on the Board for 19 companies, and Entrepreneurs routinely pay me $1,000/hr to work on their highest-level strategy.  There’s no way I could do any of this if I didn’t know the basics of Financials.

One of my greatest insights from this entire journey?

No Entrepreneur needs to know all of Accounting.  In fact, not even 1% of it.

All you need is the first 0.01% of Accounting to be incredibly effective in understanding our Financials and making really solid CEO decisions based on it.

3-Day Workshop

That’s why I’ve taken everything I’ve learned about reading and understanding Financials and shortened it into a 3-day course called, “Know Your Numbers.”

Best of all?  Not only is it a major shortcut to understanding what’s happening with your own Financials, this class is also really fun.

(Instead of a boring lesson on “inventory”, you’ll hear the story of how my band bought booty shorts for our female fans.  Now that is inventory!)


Mon-Wed, Feb 22-24, 2021
9:00am – 5:00pm

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See you in the course!

Tim :)