Kolbe Consultant

Official, Kolbe Certified ™ Consultant

Tim Francis is a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant, licensed to administer and interpret all Kolbe A™, B™, and C™ Indexes / conative assessments.

Tim can help you:

  • Take the Kolbe assessment
  • Answer questions you have about Kolbe
  • Look at your Kolbe “A” assessment results with you, finding the hidden gems in your report, and also customizing insights to your unique business
  • Coach you on who to hire next for your team
  • Assess your current team and identify where and why conflicts are happening, plus a game plan on what to fix

If you’d like to work with our team to bring Kolbe into your business, contact us at:

Email: Support@ProfitFactory.com
Phone: 1-877-845-3234 (toll free)

Pictures of Tim Francis with Kathy Kolbe during certification course:

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