Your Business Dreams Are Within Reach…
The 80/20 Summit
October 5-7, 2016 – Banff, Canada


I’m Tim Francis, NYU Guest Lecturer and Founder of Profit Factory.

Are you tired of working so much IN your business?

The vast majority of entrepreneurs are burdened by dozens of projects, problems, and opportunities piling up around them.

Most are also suffering from disorganization behind-the-scenes. They can’t find files in their Dropbox account, contractors and staff submit timesheets and invoices 9 different ways (sometimes incomplete), and training new staff takes way longer than expected.

If that’s you, take note, because there’s a new solution called “The Engine Room.” As you build an Engine Room in your business, it will take over the $10/hr – $100/hr tasks for you, so you can focus more and more on the $500/hr+ tasks.

(And – believe me – there’s more of these high-value tasks available than you realize.)


Einstein famously said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
Productivity grinds to a halt when tasks get done wrong, logins are missing, and it’s impossible to find anything in the team Dropbox account.

So how do we change our thinking then?


You know what I’m talking about.

Getting space and distance away from business creates newfound perspective, a new lens to look at your business through.

Ever been standing in the shower when an incredible idea strikes?

(…or on a long drive, walking your dog, on a bike ride….)

That’s SPACE, and that’s what I’m talking about.

If we’re too wrapped up every day with everyone else’s questions like “How do I log in to WordPress?” we’ve got no room to ask our own, big-picture questions like: “How can I double this business in the next 2 years?” or “How can I working half as much while keeping profits steady?”.


Join us for The 80/20 Retreat this upcoming Fall.

It provides a rare, cherished, protected “bubble” for you to shut off the outside world to ask the big questions and crystallize a 90-day vision.

But it doesn’t stop there. Perspective is great, but a strategic plan to act on is even better.

Using the proven Scrum strategy you’ll actually build out a strategic, practical plan for implementing your game-changing vision.

With this defined framework in place, you’ll return home and communicate to your team a clear “Vision, Resources, Definition of Done” so the team can plug in and bring tremendous leverage into your business.

Breathtaking Location

The 80/20 Retreat is held in one of the world’s most breathtaking locales – Banff, Canada – in one of the most majestic hotels on the planet, The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. The power of the towering Canadian Rockies, the clean, crisp air of nature, and the fantasy-like surroundings of – literally – a 100-year-old castle, make our venue a breathtaking experience in of itself….. in short, the perfect place to create business magic.


The Vibe of The 80/20 Retreat is retreat-workshop. You’ll be led through an 80/20 Process, then taught tools for hiring, delegating, and managing workflow (you and your team).

You will not be:

pitched by speakers… I am the only speaker and I have a defined process to walk you through. While this process is the same for everyone, the outcomes are entirely customized to each attendee. You’ll exit with a customized gameplan rolled under your arm and ready for deployment. The only programs you’ll be offered are additional Profit Factory support services, plus any sponsor I bring on-board. No front-of-the-room selling.

overwhelmed by new tactics and ideas… there are already ample events out there to teach the latest and greatest on any topic, and – probably – you’re already overwhelmed with 1,001 ideas of your on what to do next. I’m here to help you sift and sort and find the few big ideas that really matter, then build out a practical plan for implementation.

partying… the “lifestyle” or more social conferences out there are fantastic, but The 80/20 Retreat is more about asking big questions, then going on a hike (or getting a hot-stone massage) and having a deep conversation with yourself, your partner, or another attendee to make the few big decisions that will 2x, 5x, 10x your company… or whatever quantum leap you’re striving for (working less, selling company, starting others, etc).

networking… personally I really enjoy and excel at networking-style events, but – again – that’s not what The 80/20 Retreat is about. While we may end up having a handful of highlevel players in the room, this retreat is really about your own, internal, strategic planning – for yourself, and to set you your team up for the coming 90 days. Don’t worry about bringing dozens of business cards; instead, bring a few yellow legal pads to capture and chart your ideas.

Here’s our itinerary:


– 80/20 Homework: zoom out, begin asking big questions so your mind is already finding solutions pre-event

DAY 1 – Oct 5 2016

– Afternoon arrival at Calgary International Airport.
– Travel to Banff (45-60mins) for welcome reception / cocktail mixer at
The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

DAY 2 – Oct 6 2016

– Optional Tour of the Castle in the Rockies, our venue,
The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel
– Other daytime recreation out in nature

DAY 3 – Oct 7 2016

– Fundamentals of Building your Engine Room
– Evening Social
– Event Wrap-Up


I’ve purposely arranged this event to run Wed – Fri so you can stay the rest of the weekend and explore, adventure, and play in Banff if you like.

Only 40 Spots Available

Click here to buy now:

ULTRA EARLY-BIRD (until Aug 24, 2016)- $1,999 USD / $999 USD for partner*
EARLY-BIRD (until Sept 13 if seats still available) – $2,499 USD / $1,499 USD for partner*
REGULAR (until Oct 5 if seats still available) – $2,999 USD / $1,499 USD for partner*
*partner must be life/business partner or staff
Note: Price includes admission only, no accommodations or meals included.

What Others Are Saying

“Tim really cares about me and my business. He’s able to answer my incredibly specific questions, step-by-step. It’s saved me a lot of time.”

Shanna Niemar, Real Estate Investor

“Tim’s teaching is real-world and relate-able. The kind of communication that motivates and inspires. I feel empowered, prepared, and so much clearer.”

Winnie Lau, Infinite Banking Expert

“It all seemed so big and ominous, (but) Tim stepped us through it piece by piece. It’s all about Return on Investment. I feel I’ve gotten a massive return.”

Ash Badry, Real Estate Investor

“I’m now outsourcing my smaller tasks. I’m no longer mowing my lawn or doing data entry. I feel phenomenal because I hated doing those tasks!”

Jimmie Jayes, Coach and Facilitator