Free yourself from the front lines while still keeping control. The Engine Room© makes running your business more smooth and efficient, freeing you up to focus on the Big Picture of business and life.



Join a growing number of business owners around the world using Tim Francis’s “Engine Room©” to boost profits and break free from the front lines of their business.


Whether it’s your 20th team member or first VA, hire and arrange the right team. Gain rapid insight into yourself, your team, and predict who’s best to hire next.


Delegate and Manage with speed and precision using tools such as Scrum and Systems. Empower your Team to complete day-today tasks so you can focus on the highest levels.


Routinely think and act in 80/20 and The $10,000 Question to create and implement your ever evolving Vision. Find and focus on $500/hr – $5,000/hr tasks in your business.

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Tim Francis & Profit Factory

Ryan Levesque

Ryan Levesque

Worldwide Bestselling Author, Ask
Entrepreneur – The Funnel Specialist

“Tim’s help systemizing what we do across our company has set us up to go from seven to eight figures and beyond.”

Sam Carpenter

Sam Carpenter

Author, Work the System
Owner of renowned call center Centratel

“One of the best, if not the best, is Tim Francis. Listen to Tim. I support his work and his coaching and if there’s anyone I can give a testimonial to, it would be Tim. So pay attention and take him up on his offerings – he’s a good guy and he knows his stuff.”

Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall

Bestselling Author, 80/20 Sales and Marketing Founder – Perry S. Marshall & Associates

“Tim has been a friend of ours for quite awhile. Tim is incredibly dedicated to learning and implementing rock-solid marketing principles for himself and his clients.”

Chris Clark

Chris Clark

Business Development

“My Kolbe assessment gave me tons of clarity, and helped me prioritize the important work I need to be doing now. Tim has my highest recommendation.”


I’m Tim Francis, NYU Guest Lecturer and founder of Profit Factory.

The vast majority of entrepreneurs are virtual prisoners of their business. They’re so stuck IN their business, they never get around to the crucial ON-the-business work that would save them time and energy in the first place. Nor do They allow themselves very much time off.

Day-to-day can feel like torture: a never-ending To Do list and a litany of daily curveballs dragging the business owner into day-to-day minutiae, robbing the Entrepreneur from working on the truly exciting work, the Visionary stuff they desperately want to focus on and build.


When I consult to businesses, far too often “behind-the-scenes” is outright chaos.

Productivity grinds to a halt when tasks get done wrong, logins are missing, and it’s impossible to find anything in the team Dropbox account.

Then, when everyone is stumped, staring at each other for answers, who ends up digging the team out of it’s mess again and again? YOU, the Entrepreneur.

This is NOT magic, NOT what inspired you to start the business in the first place. You were NOT born for adult babysitting and perpetual fire-fighting.

No more I say… NO MORE!


I believe entrepreneurship is the best path to experiencing maximum time, location, and financial freedom this life has to offer.

More importantly, it’s a world-class vehicle to experience life’s magic, whatever that means to you: cherished time with loved ones, travel to exciting corners of the globe, the soul-stirring moments of a world-class concert, or the breathtaking beauty of a sunset.

Entrepreneurship has it all.

The good news is it’s all closer than you think. Heightened freedom and control are probably within reach.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably a full-time business owner who’s learned business can be hard. Really hard. That entrepreneurship is a skill in of itself, different than the skill required to produce whatever products and services you build and sell.

If that’s you, then please pay close attention. The following strategy is simple, but powerful. Get good at it, and your business life may change forever.


The solution is a proprietary strategy I’ve created called THE ENGINE ROOM©.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the pieces before, including 80/20, Scrum, Kolbe, Systems, and other. But they’ve never been combined like this before, creating a powerful strategy capable of transforming you and your business in thrilling new ways.

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Join a growing number of business owners around the world using Tim Francis’s “Engine Room©” strategy to boost profits and break free from the front lines of their business. Click Here


The entire purpose of The Engine Room© is to make running your business easier.
When you use the Engine Room© you can:

Build a Rock-Solid Team: using world-class strategies for hiring and managing, build a solid team (in-house and/or contractors) to take over your $10/hr – $50/hr work.

Find and Focus on $500/hr+ Work: they may seem hidden now, but there are $500/hr+ tasks in your business. Find and focus on them instead of being trapped doing lower-value tasks.

Relax and Take a Breath: with your Engine Room© running the front lines of your business, you can finally step away and clear your mind. Build your Engine Room© and it keeps running, even while you’re away.

Reduce Stress: although some stress is unavoidable, The Engine Room© eliminates nagging, unnecessary anxiety through A+ delegation and systemization. Work smarter, not harder. Run your business instead of it running you.

Delegate Once and For All: learn the science of Complete Delegation. With full Vision, Resources, and Definition of Done, your team can work continuously without needing your help.

Streamline and Systemize Your Business: find out how to create predictable, repeatable systems in your business, without you needing to write or follow the procedures yourself.

All this and much, much more.

“Tim really cares about me and my business. He’s able to answer my incredibly specific questions, step-by-step. It’s saved me a lot of time.”

Shanna Niemar, Real Estate Investor

“Tim’s teaching is real-world and relate-able. The kind of communication that motivates and inspires. I feel empowered, prepared, and so much clearer.”

Winnie Lau, Infinite Banking Expert

“It all seemed so big and ominous, (but) Tim stepped us through it piece by piece. It’s all about Return on Investment. I feel I’ve gotten a massive return.”

Ash Badry, Real Estate Investor

“I’m now outsourcing my smaller tasks. I’m no longer mowing my lawn or doing data entry. I feel phenomenal because I hated doing those tasks!”

Jimmie Jayes, Coach and Facilitator

Regain Control and Freedom
Build your Engine Room© Today


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