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Profit Factory is for Entrepreneurs tired of being the bottleneck of everything, looking to get the right team and tools in place so the business no longer depends so heavily on them.

Hello, Tim Francis here, Founder of Profit Factory.

My personal mantra, one which also lies in the foundation of Profit Factory, is Triumph of the Human Spirit.

Whereas other organizations may have a “Why” reason of impacting the world, revolutionizing an industry, or curing an illness or social issue, for us it’s about Triumph of the Human Spirit.

My illness (and recovery) gave me an opportunity to to overcome a great obstacle and discover more about what I’m “made of.”  Was a profound and moving experience which I’ll cherish forever.

Triumphs don’t need to be that big or dramatic, though.  We’ve all had Triumphs of varying sizes and flavors; I’m sure you have too.  And I’m sure you’ll agree: it’s not about eliminating life’s curveballs – that’s impossible – it’s about learning and growing from them so we’re better-equipped for the next one, and so we realize our ever-expanding abilities to reach higher and deeper into the good stuff of life.

One of the most challenging endeavors on the planet is Entrepreneurship.  It’s such a double-edged sword: the right business, at the right time, in the right location, with the right offering and the right team can produce incredible growth, opportunity and prosperity for everyone involved.  Get it wrong, thought, and it can bankrupt entire families and shatter countless dreams.

Profit Factory is about providing tools and services to make that daunting journey a little easier to tilt the odds more in an Entrepreneur’s favor, even if just a little.  In short, to help the Triumph of an Entrepreneur’s Spirit.

Our team members?  Same thing: Triumph of Your Human Spirit.  One day I received two text messages from Sarah, my Executive Assistant: the first was a picture of her working from her backyard while her kids played in the grass; the second, this message, “Tim, this is why I work for you.  I help you build your dream because you help me build mine.”

To be clear, we aren’t a religious organization.  Religiosity and Spirituality are two different (albeit related) things.  Business is driven by dollars and cents – yes – but on a far deeper level is driven by human spirit: growth, connection, contribution, achievement all run deep inside of us.  Just so happens the arena we play in to experience it all is Entrepreneurship.

Most Entrepreneurs start with us by taking the Kolbe test.  Also check out our tools, courses, events, and consulting to see if any of them can help you on your journey, the Triumph of Your Human Spirit.

Onwards and Upwards,

Tim :)

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