Done-For-You Systems

Each procedure is copied straight from the Tim Francis Marketing library of procedures.  You can copy and paste the procedure or download a Word file of each procedure.

The procedures included are:

  • Our Systems Mindset
  • Master List of Procedures (Sample template – NOT our actual Master List)
  • Basics of TeamWorkPM
  • Basics of WordPress (Including how to edit links, body copy & changing links)
  • Creating and Naming Files
  • Creating Folders
  • Daily Reports
  • Invoicing Your Time

These procedures go hand-in-hand with the Fundamental Video course: Build Systems Like a Pro.

Purchasing these procedures is a matter of saving time and having an effective procedure that has already been tested and proven.  We believe they should save you 4-8 hours of work. If your time isn’t worth $50/hr yet, this probably isn’t a good investment for you.

$197 CAD



Earnings Disclaimer / Guarantee:

> Results are your responsibility, as the end user of the product. If you follow the recommendations provided and do not achieve the stated results, you can get a refund, consistent with the event guarantee.
> Event Guarantee is 12 months from the time of the event.

For more information please view our full Earnings Disclaimer / Guarantee or contact us at:


Procedure for Procedures

This is a game-changing document to any business who uses it properly.  Having this document in your business allows your staff to build your business procedures FOR you, saving you countless hours, errors, and freeing you up to focus on Bigger Opportunities.

In reality, the value of this document is far beyond $10,000 when you realize it’s the gateway to doubling *or* selling your business.

This purchase is NON-REFUNDABLE.

$10,000 CAD