360 Delegation  ($197 USD)

One of the most powerful tools created to dramatically reduce wasted time, energy, and money when it comes to working with teams on projects.

This tool works in any business, any industry, any country, any language, online or offline businesses.

80/20 Summit Replay (2017) ($995 USD)

Replay of a 2 day live event from San Diego Perry Marshall and I alternating as speakers.  We spoke at length about getting 80/20 leverage through proper strategy and teams.

80/20 Summit Replay (2016) ($995 USD)

Replay of a 2 day live event with myself and Perry Marshall as the main speakers on tools and methods for practical applications of 80/20 in your business. We go dive in-depth into topics such as:

  • The 5 Levels of 80/20
  • The Francis Filament
  • 80/20 Climb Cycle
  • Hour Glass of Delegation
  • Decision Burden
  • Net Promotor Score

And many more…

(Attendees invested upwards of $2500 a ticket for The 80/20 Summit event alone!)

Basics of Systemization  ($497 USD)

A 6 part video series on the basics of systemization, leverage and the tools needed to make it happen.

Includes topics such as:

  • 11 Guidelines For “Next Level” Success
  • The  pipeline to wealth
  • How to climb the 80/20 curve so you can ‘graduate’ your business to the next level
  • Under $50/hour tasks & over $50/hour tasks
  • The Leverage Triad
  • Holy Trinity of Systems
  • Case Study: Systemizing My Marketing Lunch
  • List of Suggested Procedures
  • Marketing Triangle
  • Tactical Triangle

And many more…

Basics of TeamworkPM  ($197 USD)

A training procedure to introduce you and your team to the workings of TeamworkPM.

I’ll show you the best and most efficient way of setting up your TeamworkPM account with your team so your project and tasks can get completed on-time with full visibility of the status of your project.

You’ll also see real examples of how we use TeamworkPM so you have a frame of reference to go by when setting yours up

Copy-and-Paste Procedures  (Free)

Why write procedures, when you can copy ours?  We have 7 of the basics available for you to get started.

Use it as a reference or just copy/paste into your own Google docs and edit to fit your company needs.

Dashboards & Daily Reports  ($197 USD)

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to use Dashboards and Daily Reports to stay on top of your Leading Metrics.

As the old saying goes… “You can’t manage what you don’t track”. Creating dashboards for your company allow your team to have full visibility into where the company’s at when it comes to reaching your targets and what actions they can take to help the cause.

Efficiency  ($197 USD)

There is a ton of hype about building and filling your marketing funnel.  Tim is here to talk about a different kind of funnel – your FINANCIAL funnel.

Engine Room 2.0  ($197 USD)

You’ve heard of the Engine Room, now introducing and explaining Engine Room 2.0 

Process Mapping  ($197 USD)

One of the most important parts of streamlining and scaling your business is defining the main workflows you use again and again.

With that sorted out, can can easily see which processes to write and how teammates need to work together.  A powerful tool used in creating workflows is “Process Mapping” which is discussed in this video course

You’ll learn:

  • The three tools you need to know to map out any process: tasks, assets, and events
  • The tools (online and offline) we use to create workflows for ourself and our clients
  • Tips on maximizing collaboration amongst team members so workflows become as fast and smooth as possible

Systemize Your Virtual Business  ($497 USD)

7 part video series that dives into the specifics of systemizing your virtual business.

This series includes:

  • Decision-Making Guidelines
  • Business tools to use
  • Basics of writing a procedure
  • Your Master List of Procedures
  •  Where to Find Staff
  • How to On-board New Team Members

Systems: Triple Path of Readership  ($197 USD)

The two hardest parts of systemizing a business are:

  1. Writing the systems and procedures
  2. Getting people to follow them!

This method of creating your procedures ensures every member on your team is able to write AND follow the procedure no matter their level of expertise.