Systemize Your Business w Triple Path of Readership Ⓒ

The two hardest parts of systematizing a business are:

1) Writing the systems

2) Getting people to follow them!

How to Systematize a Business

A big factor in this is a person’s Kolbe score, which is outside the scope of this post.

Assuming your empolyee(s) are good at following directions and following through on task, then the “Triple Path of ReadershipⒸ” strategy will help you get systems written efficiently, and will maximize your odds for team members to stick with systems over the long haul.  Triple Path is a strategy I devised from building systems into my own companies.

Below you’ll see:

1) video (only 6 mins) explaining Triple Path,

2) below the video, some extra tips to help make this process as fast, easy, and successful as possible (be sure to read)


Extra Tips

Start with Intermediate

When starting to systemize any process, don’t bother with documenting every single step.  Your team will (probably) get bored really quickly and (possibly) drag their feet.

Instead, just have them write out the “Intermediate” path.  Don’t bother writing the “Beginner” steps at all, just leave them blank.  If you’re using this procedure a LOT (it’s a Top-20 procedure), and/or you’re regularly training new people with it, then go ahead and add the Beginner steps.  Otherwise, just leave them blank.

As for the “Expert” path, work with your team to make sure the quality control is achieved, in the fewest reasonable steps possible.  Whereas the “Intermediate” path is your team’s responsibility, the “Expert” path is ultimately yours.  It’s up to you the business owner to give people the Vision, Resources, and Definition of Done of how you want things done.  Own that, do a good job communicating it, and your team will have a clear target to shoot for.

The Right Tools to Use

I expand on this more elsewhere, but the basics are:

  • Use Google Drive (docs & sheets) for documenting your procedures. For a quick SHORTCUT, download my Systems Templates into your own Google Drive
  • Use a Master List of Procedures (a Google Sheet) for keeping track of all your procedures
  • Use S/R/T labeling and numbering to keep everything organized
  • For tasks you repeat, including macro-tasks that involve multiple, smaller procedures used sequentially, use Teamwork PM (project management software.  Create the Macro-task as a “Task List”, then each step is a procedure.

Be Aware

If someone is High Quick-Start, Low Follow-Through, (i.e they like to move to different tasks without having a need to finish other tasks first) they will (probably) never create *or* follow the systems you desire.  You’re setting these people up for outright failure if you ask them to operate in a highly systemized situation.

By contrast, if someone is Low Quick-Start, High Follow-through, and they have the required motivation, personality, skills and training, they can probably run your systems for months and years very successfully!

Click here for more info on Kolbe scores, which goes into detail on Quick-Start, Follow-Through and what it can mean for your employees and placing each person in jobs that fits how they instinctively work.

Systemizing a business can be the pathway to so much freedom, speed, ease, and enjoyment for EVERYONE – entrepreneur, teammates, and clients too.  Using the Triple Path of ReadershipⒸ, along with the right tools and people in place, allows your business to streamline and scale up with surprising speed.

Do you struggle with following systems or do you have a team member that can’t follow a procedure to save his life?  Leave a comment below and let me know if you think Triple Path of Readership can help in your organization.

Tim :)

P.S. Here’s an excellent video with Mike Rhodes about Triple Path of Readership:

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